This course is for you if ...
You want to broaden your vocabulary
"I cannot speak because I either lack or forget neccessary words."
You want to understand Spanish native speakers

"I do not understand anything. They speak so fast...and this strange accent..."
You would like to know more about Spanish history
"I have been learning Spanish for so much time but I know nothing about the history of Spain. All student books on its history seem boring to me, I'd rather learn it in an enterntaining format."
Would you like to know more?
What you will get
  • 7 songs
    that reflect Spanish socio-political and cultural context
  • 7 articles
    where we analyze in details each song
  • 7 exercises
    to work out new vocabulary
  • 7 tasks
    that will help you understand the speech of Spanish native speakers
  • 7 video explanations
    where we look in details at the circumstances and the context where the songs were created. We will enrich your vocabulary and will learn to read attentively
  • Hints
    that will help you start to speak
After the course you will
  • perceive better speech of Spaniards
    because we will listen to different Spanish accents.
  • sing along with Spanish people in bars of Madrid and Barcelona
    Well, of any other city! Because we will listen to the songs that all spanish people learn by heart or at least are familiar with.
  • learn interesting facts of Spanish history
    because each song has something to say
What my students say
"Polina, thanks for the course!
I learned a lot about Francoist Spain, about the performers of that time, learned a lot of new words.
Muchas gracias!"
Marta Rosenberg
"The thing that I liked most in the course is the abundance of new vocabulary which was easy to learn in the context: both reading and listening. As a historian, I was primarily interested in the materials that Polina prepared for us.
I really liked the fact that this very popular format of "musical marathons" in this case was so informative in terms of historical and cultural components. So I gained more knowledge than I expected. I have never thought just one song and a small number of tasks could immerse in Spanish history for the whole day."
Jane Keith
"The course turned out to be unexpectedly very rich in information - and I did not have much time to do every lesson day after day, because I wanted to devote more time to each material - the song, its history and new words. I appreciated a lot an excellent selection of music, a video with a detailed analysis of the texts, the only thing I would change – the timing, it'd better last 2 weeks or more."
Rachel Mayers
Our prices
Duration of the course: 10 days
$50 USD per course
Access to all course materials
Personal feedback
Correction of homework
$100 USD per course
Access to all course materials
Personal feedback
Correction of homework
How to pay

Polina Rud
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