This course is for you if ...
you have never heard of subjuntive mood
You have already learnt past tenses and can use them in your speech.
you've heard somewhere about it and you were even explained some rules
But you are still confused on where, when and why to use it.
you know subjunctive mood only in theory
But you do not use it in your own speech because it is so difficult and I wish I remembered the rules.
Would you like to know more?
What you will get
  • Subjuntive mood
    We will learn in detail the most used cases of the subjunctive mood.
  • 6 short films
    We will watch 6 short films to remember where and when to use the subjunctive mood. Besides, the short films will familiarize us with the different forms of the subjunctive.
  • 62 tricky sentences
    which will help you to use these "difficult" forms in every day conversations.
  • 8 topics for discussion
    that will both enrich your vocabulary and widen your common knowledge.
After the course you ...
  • won't be afraid of the subjuctive mood and its "terrible" forms
    Do you remember a proverb "Devil is not so black as he is painted"? The same is here!
  • will be able to include the subjunctive forms into your speech
    Yeah, that's true! After a big amount of translated sentences and discussions you won't have any other chance.
  • will start to note its forms in the speech of Spaniards
    This means that you will be able to understand what the native speakers are saying and to keep up to speed of their conversations.
What my students say
"Polina! Thanks for one more incredible course! It was quite complicated, but as usual, it was thought out to the smallest detail, from simple to the most complicated things, and short films made the learning easier and more interesting! And special thanks for useful phrases that we badly need in our daily life but cannot find in any student book. And for sure I am really grateful for your patience!"
Sofia Polton
"What I like most about this course is the presentation of information - a good selection of examples in grammar, a logical transition from one topic to another with the necessary amount of exercises to revise and to remember the material. The course helped me deal with subjuntivo to the fullest, at the same time also the course made it possible to watch interesting short films that I have never heard about. It took a different amount of time to complete each lesson - depending on an exercise, if it was necessary to watch a video - it took more time. I really liked the course, highly recommended!"
Rachel Mayers
"Honestly, I enjoyed this course. Of course, it was not always easy to do all exercises, I had to delve into it, but Polina's video and audio explanations helped a lot - she extremely clearly conveys even the most complicated things. I really liked the idea of learning subjuntivo through short films. Firstly, they were simply interesting to watch. And secondly, it was easier to remember in what situation this mood is used .. Maybe because you perceive it much more emotionally than in any student book.I would like to take one more course on the basis of a film or a short film! Polina, I am waiting for the next one!"
Maya Schutz
Our prices
Duration of the course: 5 weeks
$100 USD per course
Access to all course materials
Personal feedback
Correction of homework
$150 USD per course
Access to all course materials
Personal feedback
Correction of homework

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